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Section 504, ADAA and Children with Disabilities or Special Health Care Needs: What Parents Need to Know - 4/30/21

Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act: After High School - 4/30/21

Working for Change: The Power of the Personal Story

Request, Referral, and Consent - 4/27/21

Records and Record Keeping - 4/27/21

Promoting Meaningful Family Involvement - 4/26/21

Mapping Dreams: Transition to Adulthood - 4/23/21

Steps for Success: Making IEP Meetings Work - 4/22/21

Working for Change: Using the Power of a Personal Story - 4/21/21

Extended School Year: What does it mean for your child - 3/26/21

IDEA Part C Early Intervention Written State Complaints: A Guide for Families of Infants and Toddlers (Birth through Age 2) - 3/25/21

Know Your Rights: IDEA Procedural Safeguards - 3/24/21

Building Parents as Leaders: Be the Change You Want to See - 3/23/21

Utilizing PBIS at Home: Supporting Families and Students during COVID-19 - 3/22/21

Request, Referral, and Consent - 2/26/21

The Early Years: Building Blocks to a Successful Future

Learning at Home Series

Children with Medical Complexity: How to Ensure Their Educational Needs Are Met - 2/11/21

Bullying: How Parents Can Help! - 2/8/21

NAMI Family & Friends - 2/4/21

Pathways to Adequate Health Insurance for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs - 2/3/21

Supporting Early Childhood Development: Turn Everyday Moments into Brain-Building Moments - 1/19/21

Universal Design for Learning - 1/11/21

Positive Solutions for Families of Young Children with Challenging Behavior - 12/14/20

NAMI Family & Friends - 12/3/20

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS): Getting Job Ready for a Successful Future - 11/16/20

Supporting Early Childhood Development: Turn Everyday Moments into Brain-Building Moments - 11/10/20

Promoting Positive Behavior in Your Child - 11/9/20

Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy - 11/5/20

MSPTI Parent Advisory Council: What's That? - 10/19/20

IDEA Rights and COVID-19 - 7/30/20

Know Your Rights: IDEA Procedural Safeguards - 7/28/20

Family Engagement in the Medical Setting - 7/14/20

Supporting the Social/Emotional Health of Young Children - 7/9/20

Supporting and Advocating with Families of Young Children - 7/2/20

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Families - 12/9/19

Parenting with PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) - 10/7/19

Becoming a Self-Advocate - 9-26-19

ABLE Accounts: New Financial Power for Persons with Disabilities - 9/24/19

Supported Decision Making: Alternatives to Guardianship - 7/30/19

Getting and Keeping the First Job - 12/18/18

Services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - 12/13/18

Making Technology Your Friend on the Path to Employment - 12/11/18

Transition and Self-Advocacy Series

Partnering in Your Child's Behavioral Health Care Series
IEP 101 - A Parent's Primer (Part 2) - 4/11/18

Nutrition is for Everyone Education Workshop for People with Disabilities and their Families - 4/3/18

Summer 2017: Inclusive Planning for Your Teen - 5/3/17


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